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Scalar Energy Pendant

Posted at May 5, 2020 13:13 by Ferly Rizki in Pendants

The scalar energy pendant is a mineral based high tech formulated energy pendant made from specially sourced volcanic materials from japan. Scalar energy emits a field of its frequency that will fill the surrounding environment.

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Pada tahun 1920 an albert einstein lebih mengembangkan pengetahuan ini.


Scalar energy pendant. It does this by replacing displaced positive ions in your body with negative ions. Scalar energy refers to any frequency of energy which is carried through scalar waves. Lima puluh tahun kemudian keberadaan energi skalar dibuktikan oleh nikolai tesla.

Watch these videos for new proof evidence these negative ion tests unquestionable evidence. Our bfit imprints these 18000 frequencies on the scalar energy level. It s now been about 4 months since reilly began wearing a scalar energy pendant on his collar.

The materials are free from any nuclear radioactive materials resulting from the fukushima disaster. Scalar energy pendants are great for when you are on the go and want continuous natural energy throughout your day to align the chakras of the body and soul. Scalar energy atau yang lazim disebut energi skalar pada dasarnya sudah ditemukan sejak ratusan tahun oleh seorang fisikawan yaitu james clerk maxwell dan dia menyusun scalar energy theory.

The pendants emit alpha beta and gamma radiation. Heka naturals shungite pendant necklace emf protection pendant shungite jewelry is trendy and used for chakra and energy balancing 4 4 out of 5 stars 524 18 99 18. Reillys tumor is now 90 gone and his energy is like that of a 5 year old dog and he s receiving many comments about how energetic he is now especially for a dog his age.

The scalar pendant will release negative ions combatting the positive ions from electrical devices therefore keeping you safe from emf. To see reviews on the iyashi scalar pendant iyashi negative ion scalar energy pendant and life energy designs scalar crystal jewellery. A scalar energy pendant will protect you from emf radiation and much more.

Robyn brann ontario canada update. While not tested other scalar energy products such as pillows or mattresses may also contain radioactive materials. Spot and declared the best scalar energy pendant the iyashi negative ion scalar energy pendant ticks off all of the boxes it is relatively small in comparison to other pendants which makes it very portable while producing the same or higher output of negative ions as other brands at 4 600.

In fact it can help provide human beings consistent energy for a lifetime. The vibrational frequencies are essentially the type of scalar energy infused in the pendants. Arpansa has confirmed the presence of radioactive materials in scalar energy pendants in particular the naturally occurring radioisotopes of uranium 238 and thorium 232.

The scalar energy in the scalar pendant does not diminish.

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